Capracotta Births/Nacimientos/Nascita


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Capracotta births v0.90c

2 Responses to Capracotta Births/Nacimientos/Nascita

  1. This is a very interesting website, really well done. Several ancestors of mine, were from Capracotta; you can find information about some of them, on my website :
    – del Baccaro:
    – Carugno:
    – di Ciò:
    – Falconi:
    – Mosca:
    – Pettinicchio:

    Here is a list with the name of all of my ancestors:

    I’ve a Castiglione’s ancestor too: Agnese Castiglione, wife of Giuseppe Mosca (living in XVII century).


    Alfonso Di Sanza D’Alena

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for your comments and for the various links you’ve supplied. What tremendous work you’ve done on your family tree. The background on each of the family surnames is fascinating.
    Ben Lariccia

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