Capracottesi Immigrants settled in Ohio and West Virginia

Parkersburg Liberatore Family

Parkersburg Liberatore Family

Parkersburg Capracottesi

Parkersburg Capracottesi

Liberatore Family

West Virginia Capracottesi

Parkersburg Capracottesi

Parkersburg Capracottesi, 6th Street

Youngstown Capracottesi and other immigrants, Charlotte Street, circa 1927

Carmela Mendozzi DiCianno (Capracottese) and Amedeo DiCianno (Sampietrese).

Pasquale DeTanna and Family, Youngstown

Assunta DiCesare and Giangregorio Mendozzi (center), Quinn Street, Youngstown

Vincenzo DiTanna and Family

Parkersburg Capracottesi

Vincenzo DiTanna

Assunta DiCesare

Vincent DiTanna with Carmella Mendozzi DiCianno on the left. Charlotte Street, Youngstown.

Pasquale DeTanna

Vincenzo DiTanna, center, with young Angela Liberatore, Youngstown.

Assunta and Antonio DiCesare

Organizing Committee for the Snowplow Campaign?

Maria Loreta DiTanna Mendozzi holding Norma Mendozzi, Charlotte Street, Youngstown.

Giangregorio Mendozzi, Charlotte Street, Youngstown, circa 1927

Left to right: Carmela Mendozzi, unknown, Maria Loreta DiTanna Mendozzi holding Frances Mendozzi, Charolotte Street, Youngstown, circa 1926

United Woolen Tailors, Parkersburg, during 1937 flood. Capracottesi worked here.

Unknown, Parkersburg

Unknown, Parkersburg