Aunt Lena’s Memories: Life in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Click here to read Barbara Hendrickson’s  interview with Aunt Lena about life in Parkersburg, WV.

Pictured below is Lena’s parents’ wedding portrait recently colorized and made into a beautiful collage that incorporates the mountains near Capracotta. Read artist Barbara Hendrickson’s description of how she transformed the original wedding photograph:

I made the picture using several images:  I started with the background image of Capracotta; then added the image of the bride and groom on top of it.  Then I made a small image of my father at about 3 years old, and hung him around her neck as a jewel. 

Vincenzo DiNucci and wife Caterina Paglione were born in Capracotta. They established a family in Parkersburg.